There are periods in life in which we are settling down in a messy or difficult situation that afterward is converted into habits.  This can happen everywhere, in a relationship, at work or generally in life. Sometimes the habit is so strong that even if we recognize that affects us negatively we continue experiencing it.

This is the comfort zone, a grey area that prevents us to open the door and move our life forward. The fear of the unknown and our insecurities have a deterrent effect on our personal happiness. Although we feel that something or someone is not like the way it supposed to be, we have the illusion that we can fix it. If things in a specific area of our life don’t flow easily, that means that we have to evaluate and amend our behavior.

Our way of thinking and our actions attract and form the circumstances. So, in this case, the difficulties that we are experiencing show us that we have to go out of our comfort zone


Progress is a main part of life and our comfort zone stands as an obstacle, reminding us all the time that we have to open the door and make the next step. As a result, we have the chance to improve our life conditions, take risks and make better options based on our previous experiences.

Everything is based on the way of thinking. Once a decision is made then a new start is following. This comes up with new people, opportunities, and experiences that lead us to our personal happiness.

Life is a constant flow of energy and love and this reminds us that we have to act and progress instead of stacking up a negative situation. We all deserve the best but we have to believe this in order to achieve it. The way of thinking can lead us to move out of our comfort zones and embrace the joy and the happiness of new experiences.

The past is all about learning and understanding, the present is about appreciating and living with joy and love. The future is the result of our actions and thoughts. So take care of your life and embrace your future.

And don’t forget to stay tuned and live your life with magic 🙂