The kitchen is one of the most important areas if we want to attract positive energy into our house. As we know, the kitchen is associated with diet and health and in the past, the quantity and quality of food we had on our table indicated wealth and prosperity.

Here are some  Feng Shui tips to bring positive energy into our kitchen:

Positive features

  • The kitchen’s shape should be square or rectangular.
  • There should be at least one window so that the sunlight freely comes in.
  • The view from the kitchen window is nice; the exterior environment supports the energy of the kitchen area.
  • The cooker should be against a wall and not in the centre of our kitchen.
  • The oven is facing one of your positive directions. click here to check your positive & negative directions based on your Life Star.
  • The sink and the cooker have a distance of more than 60 cm.

Negative features

  • The view from the kitchen window is negative; ej an electricity pylon has a negative impact on the preparation of meals and our overall well-being.
  • If the kitchen is in the centre of the house, it blocks the energy flow and can cause health and financial problems to the residents.
  • The oven is opposite the kitchen door.
  • The sink should be at least 60cm away from the cooker. More specifically, the sink symbolizes the element of water and the cooker the element of fire. Putting them next to each other will create a clash of elements, which can cause accidents. In this case, you should put a wooden chopping board, because wood as an element, brings a balance between water and fire.

The above are the general rules we need to follow when applying Feng Shui. In an advanced level there is more factor that we need to take into consideration:

The location of the kitchen based on your house plan 

​* The time factor: when the building construction has finished

* ​When you move to the house

The combination of the flying stars

The date of birth of the residents

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