Face reading is the art of physiognomy that analyzes people’s facial features. As expected, facial shape plays the most important role in revealing the basic traits of one’s personality. In other words, the face is like a map that can lead to a person’s true inner self.

So, which are the basic facial shapes and which Feng Shui elements do they represent?

  • Wood element

Rectangular face: People with rectangular faces are dynamic, practical and disciplined. Moreover, they are powerful and prestigious people who can greatly influence others and want to do things their way. No wonder that politicians, athletes and many successful people have rectangular faces. Also, most of them are tall, well-built and in great shape.

Famous people: Zinedine Zidane, Angelina Jolie

  • Fire element

Triangular face: A triangular facial shape represents the element of fire and more specifically passion and intensity. In this light, people with triangular faces are creative, smart, inventive and spontaneous.  Additionally, they act fast and want to learn new things all the time. Also, they are extremely energetic and always on the go. Mostly, artists, anchormen and spokesmen have triangular faces.

Famous people: Barack Obama, Scarlett Johansson

  • Earth element

Square face: This facial shape belongs to people who have an earth personality and a materialistic point of view. They are stable, analytical, persistent people who know what they want in their lives and want to dominate. Moreover, they love keeping things organized and help others. They are usually of medium height with strong bones and big limbs.

Famous people: Donald Trump, Olivia Wilde

  • Metal element

Oval face: People with an oval face are very popular, well-balanced, diplomatic and objective.  Additionally, they are natural-born leaders who don’t give up easily and have great money-making skills. However, they can sometimes be impatient, feisty and snobbish.

Famous people: Steve Jobs, Sharon Stone

  • Water element

Round face: This facial shape belongs to people who have a water personality. More specifically, they are emotional, affectionate and smart. Also, they are very positive people who love changes and making progress. Additionally, they are highly perceptive and intuitive. Last but not least, they have vivid sexual fantasies and luscious bodies.

Famous people: Jennifer Lawrence, Jude Law

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