Face Reading is the art of physiognomy that analyzes people’s facial features. The mouth is probably the most significant factor to take into account when decoding a personality. It belongs to the element of water. The shape of the lips is, as you might expect, of key importance here.

Let us begin with the mouth line, the horizontal line that is formed between the upper and lower lips.

Curvy Upper Lip: This type of shape suggests an optimistic character who is usually positive about things. This type of person can be very inspiring to others, yet they have to bear in mind that things might as well go wrong. Lucky people usually have a curvy upper lip.


Straight Mouth Line: This suggests a character who wants life to be balanced and always considers both sides of the coin before reaching a decision. These types of people are usually very good advisors because they can be objective, detached and down to earth. Depending on the situation, they can be either optimistic or pessimistic.

Curved Lower Lip: These kinds of people are usually pessimists, over-analytical and always in search of alternatives in case something might go wrong. This might, of course, prevent them from enjoying life because they are always on the lookout for something bad to happen.

  • Shape of the lips

Full Lips: They suggest somebody who enjoys life and is a pleasure seeker. They are usually emotional and outgoing people. They are also very talkative and cheerful. They enjoy expressing their feelings and thoughts.

Regular Lips: This type of person is usually emotional yet also reasonable. They watch their mouths and they are unlikely to say anything they might regret.

Thinner Upper Lip: This suggests a charming person. This type of person have no trouble expressing their feelings, but they are not that spontaneous when it comes to their thoughts.

Thinner Lower Lip: These people are not extrovert since their reason outweighs their emotions. They have no trouble talking about anything since it is easy for them to express their thoughts.

Thin Lips: These people are usually secretive and they do not express their emotions. They are reasonable and feelings play an insignificant role in their lives.

Lips with Moles or Blemishes: This feature is not that favorable because it suggests a frivolous person who might make a flippant remark when least expected.

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