The energy in your space is annually renewed on the basis of flying stars. Flying stars technique takes into consideration the time factor in order to create a chart of the present energies. As a result, negative or positive energy moves in a specified place.

2017, a Fire Rooster year combined with flying star 1, which lies in the center, might bring changes in our lives that eventually will leads us in progress.


Auspicious flying stars for 2017: 4-6-8-9.

Northeast: 4-green Flying star 4 settles down in the NE sector. It’s presence favor those who pursue an academic career or are occupied with research and wish to improve their lives. When the main entrance of the house or the office is in the NE sector, then promotions, appraisal and travel opportunities are favored. The NE is the most suitable location to study, since it is ideally affected by flying star 4, favoring concentration and success in the exams. When the bedroom is in the Northeast sector of the house, then sexual relations are strengthened.

North: 6-white Flying star 6 comes this year to the North sector. In general, flying star 6 positively affects space, especially when exterior conditions are positive. When the main entrance is in the North, your reputation and power are favored. When your workplace is in the North, your prestige, appraisal, a possible promotion and the materialization of your plans are favored. Goal achievements and success. When external conditions are negative, then flying star 6 might bring sudden changes in your workplace, or health issues, especially in your liver or legs, when it comes to your bedroom.

Flying Stars 2017


East: 8-white This year, flying star 8 settles in the East sector. It favors finance. In 2017, the East is the most favorable location for the attraction of wealth. When somebody’s workplace is in the East sector then career and financial matters are favored. Many opportunities might arise for promotion. When the main entrance is in the East, there is a strong likelihood that your income will be increased. The best way to make the most of the positive energy of flying star 8 is to place your TV, Wi-Fi or fountain in the East sector of your house or office.

Southeast: 9-purple Flying star 9 comes to the SE this year. Flying star 9 is the second best flying star, when it comes to money. It favors love and money, and it also solidifies long cooperation. When the main entrance of the house or the office is in the SE sector, flying star 9 benefits investment, and it brings good luck and joyful events. When the office is located in the SE, this brings promotion, new plans, ideas and joyful events. The best way to make the most of the positive energy of flying star 9 is to situate your fountain in the SE. If you intend to get married or have a child, then your bedroom should definitely be located in the Southeast.


Flying stars 2-3-5-7 are inauspicious

Northwest: 2-black This year flying star 2 moves to the NW sector and brings disease, negatively affecting the stomach and digestion. It might also bring about miscarriage or gynecological problems. If your bed is situated in the NW, then you might be getting sick quite often. It is advisable that pregnant women avoid the NW sector. When the main entrance of the house or the office is in the NW there might be loss of money, delay and disease. When your office is in this sector, flying star 2 can possibly bring money to real estate or sales agents. You can minimize the negative impact of flying star 2 by placing metallic ornaments in the NW sector. The best solution here would be six chinese coins, which are tied together with a red ribbon.

West: 3- jade. In 2017 Flying Star 3 is located in the West area of your place. It would be a good idea to avoid this sector as it brings fights, arguments and quarrels. If you sleep in the West sector, then probably your life will be full of disputes. When your workplace is in the West, unfair competition, trust issues and legal disputes might arise. However there is a chance of making progress through big changes. In order to minimize the negative impact of Flying Star 3, put a candle or a red ornament in the West area of your place.

South: 5-yellow This specific flying star is very special. Feng shui teachers usually deactivate it because this is a star that brings very fast and easy the best only under two conditions: absolute positivity, which activates space & favorable exterior conditions. When these two preconditions are not met, then it would be best that there be no human activity in this sector. We advise you this year to refrain from any renovations or the breaking down of walls in the South sector because when flying star 5 is disturbed then accidents or bad luck might arise. We suggest that this year you place in this sector a metallic sound object or metallic ornaments.

Southwest: 7-red Flying star 7 this year moves to the SW. It brings dispute and emotional instability. People with health issues might be hospitalized. If you are in a relationship and the bedroom is in the SW, you may be negativelly affected. When the main entrance of the house or the office is in the SW, there might be loss of money or attempted burglary. It also brings unfair competition in the workplace. Flying star 7 might bring accidents with sharp objects. You should be extra careful in June because monthly flying star 3 visits the SW sector and it meets the annual flying star 7. This means that there might be attempted burglary in houses with doors in the SW.

These tips and suggestions are intended to heighten your space energy so that you will be ready for the coming of the new Fire Rooster  year and make the most of it in 2017.

And don’t forget stay tuned and live your life with magic 🙂