Career is one of the most important and demanding aspects of our lives because we have to put our skills into practice and prove our worth in order to succeed. However, we usually can’t achieve career success entirely on our own; we need other people’s support to make it through. In this light, work relationships have a major impact on accomplishing our career goals and making progress.

So, how can we build and improve work relationships?

We can divide careers into two main categories:

  • Entrepreneurs, employers, self-employed people, authors.

In this case, work relationships play a crucial role in successfully putting your plans into practice. It’s important for you to have a great social life, spending time and money on people who can be inspirational, open doors and give you good advice and support. Treat them with respect and honesty and you will surely gain their appreciation and trust. Moreover, don’t forget to be grateful and acknowledge their support.

  • Academics, employees and workgroups.

In this case, your work depends on the work of others, so your work relationships should be very good, if not excellent, in order for you to succeed. In this light, if you respect other people’s personalities and work, then they will respect yours in return. Additionally, you’d better be nice and kind to your boss or colleagues and try to avoid conflicts and make negative remarks about them. As expected, many communication problems may occur if many people work together. Keep in mind though that you can also prove your worth by the way you handle your work relationships; treat them right and they will surely acknowledge that.

Why don’t you apply the Feng Shui principles in order to improve your work relationships? Your favorable directions, which are determined by your Gua number, can help you accomplish that.

Click here to find out your Gua number and your favorable directions.

Your 3rd favorable direction is represented by the Yan Nian star, which favors communication and can help you build a healthier relationship. In this light, you can use this direction at your workplace, especially when signing contracts and making important career moves.

For example:

If your Gua number is 6, then your Yan Nian direction is the Southwest. This means that your office, desk or conference table should be facing the Southwest.


Career success is accomplished when you believe in yourself and have faith in your skills. However, at the same time don’t forget to make the most of your work relationships in order to accomplish your goals more easily and be more productive.

And don’t forget to stay tuned and live your life with magic 🙂