I want to wake up in the morning and to look myself in the mirror beautiful with full of confidence!

How do I do this?

Well, even the most famous and most wanted women and men have this desire and there are days that they are seeing in the mirror an image that is completely opposite from the fabulous pictures in the magazines.

We are all in the same club, normal people who want to feel good about our image.

But to achieve this we have first to feel self-confidence.

  • Self-confidence is the first step and the base of attractiveness and charming. Every person is unique in everything and this makes us precious and special.
  • Good psychology helps a lot to built and support the image we desire about us.
  • Health tips as a good diet, some physical exercise, yoga, meditation are considered the best ways to improve ourselves and our way of living.

Remember the beauty rules change in certain periods, so this means that there is no objectiveness and no one can define us if we are beautiful or not.

Strong personalities during time managed to determine the standards about the right image. And we have a lot of examples of different types of people like Kim Kardashian,  Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Daniel Radcliffe, Robert de Niro, Henry Cavil and others.

Every each person also has weaknesses and defects. So instead of complaint about our image, it’s better to observe and realize that we can improve our defects or to promote them as part of our unique personality.

When I was in high school all my friends had beautiful straight long hair and I had curls. At that age, I thought that my hair was a problem! Now I remember all this and I feel blessed about my curls because they make me unique and their part of my personality. And also curls are legacy from my mother

Look in the mirror, love yourself and introduce to the world your real image. This is your beauty!


Stay tuned and live your life with magic! 🙂