I met Julia in 2001 and I was instantly drawn toward her innocence, purity of heart and ethos. Not knowing much about the energies of Feng Shui and implementation of we had endless discussions on what and how.
I came to the conclusion that the mystical forces of Feng Shui could only enhance my everyday existence so I decided to commission Julia for a study at my house. The results over time were subtle but evident. This prompted me to commission a study for my office environment and summer house.
Personally, what I experienced was a sense of calm and positive energy that gave me the clarity to overcome anything that life threw at me, positive or negative in the most precise and effective way.
Our relationship has grown over the years into friendship and although we live in different countries Julia is always on my side for guidance in all areas of my life.
I am very grateful for her entertaining my life and support I have had from her all these years.