Activating Notifications

In the upper menu, go to the Notifications tab, then click on the Activate New Notification button found here. There are two main notification types based on destination: Admin and Student notifications. You can also decide if a notification affects all of the

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Payment Services

You can find a list of all the payment services by going in the upper menu and clicking on the Payment Services tab. Here you can click on which box you want to set up. If a

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Special Settings – Intro

These are very important settings which bring a new level of customization to: Questions, Quizzes, Lessons and Courses. You can access these settings by hovering over an existing item and clicking on Special Settings or when creating / editing

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Creating a Course

A course is a collection of lessons and quizzes, a quiz is a collection of questions. Before making a course make sure you have everything else created to make things easier for yourself. In the upper

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Setting up a Quiz

In the upper menu, go to the Quizzes tab, then click on the Add new Quiz button found here. You can add content in the first section, or skip to the Quiz Questions section where you can add existing questions to

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Creating a Question

In the upper menu, go to the Questions tab, then click on the Add new Question button found here. You can type your message here, then you have the option to select which Type of Question it is, you can select one

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Adding a new Lesson

In the upper menu, go to the Lessons tab, then click on the Add new Lesson button found here. In the content area you will type in your lesson and once you are ready hit publish! An additional section

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