It’s always interesting to decode a personality based on his facial characteristics. Face Reading, physiognomy is the art of analyzing a person’s personality based on his/her individual facial features. One of the basic features of physiognomy is the eyes.

Eyes are an essential part of Face Reading because they reflect an individual’s character, temper and thoughts. They are the window to a person’s soul and can tell us the story of a person’s status.

How can one tell another person’s character by simply observing them?

According to Face Reading, eyes represent the element of fire and their shape along with the distance between them can reveal many things about our personalities.

  • Eye distance

When the distance between the eyes is the size of an eye: This is an indication of a balanced and down to earth character. These kinds of people are also lucky and it is very easy for them to adapt to new situations.

When eye distance is bigger than the size of an eye: This shows an extrovert, open-hearted and generous person, who easily spends money. Moreover, he/she doesn’t like analyzing things too much.

When eye distance is smaller than the size of an eye: This indicates a suspicious individual, who scrutinizes things and is hard to convince. These kinds of people are also very secretive and they don’t easily reveal their thoughts.

  • Eye shape and look

Angled up almond eyes: Those eyes belong to people who are charming, attractive and have many admirers. They are very sociable and successful with the opposite sex. This kind of eye is very common among actors, singers, TV hosts and celebrities in general.


Kim Kardashian is a typical example of a face with angled up almond eyes

Small eyes: This usually shows a reserved person, who has many phobias and finds it difficult to express his/her feelings. He/she is also suspicious and overthinks things.

Big eyes: This indicates a sensitive and emotional person, who easily expresses his/her feelings. However, he/she usually acts on impulse rather than common sense.

Sparkling eyes: This shows smart and perceptive individuals. They have a joyful character and they are very sociable and outgoing. This is precisely why they are successful in their careers and people are usually inspired by them and ask for their advice.

Eyes with marks or shades: This indicates a pessimistic person who lets problems get the best of him/her. These people are usually unenthusiastic and bring trouble on themselves. More specifically, they often have problems with children.

Angled down eyes: These eyes belong to people who find problems everywhere. However, they are very compassionate and sensitive; so, it comes as no surprise that many people help, protect and stand by them.

Eyes with no angle: This shows a balanced and objective person. He/she is righteous and enjoys life. You can count on him/her for sure.

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