Symbols play a very important role in our lives because, depending on what they stand for and represent, they activate certain aspects of our lives. Feng Shui utilizes many symbols as a means of reinforcing and maximizing positive energy in our homes and offices. There are, thus, very powerful symbols, which are ideal for the places we work in and which attract luck, accomplishment and success. You can place these symbols in your office or the area you work in. They can also be incorporated into the company labels.


Compass: It can help you find the right path in life. It is ideal for your business and office. Moreover, it can bring luck and provide guidance to decisions.

Dragon: It is one of the most popular symbols of power and strength. It brings luck and helps you succeed, advance and gain influence.

Elephant: This symbol favors relationships, communication and money. It can help you meet the right people in order for you to increase your profits.

Figure 8: It is a powerful symbol that can attract everything we wish. Besides, an 8 turned on its side is the infinity symbol.

Four-leaf clover: It is the archetypal Celtic symbol that brings wealth and favors love life. It is the most popular and powerful symbol of luck. You can put it everywhere you like in your office.

Frog: It is the archetypal symbol of wealth, prosperity and career success, especially if it has a coin in its mouth. You’d better put it by the entrance of your office or cash register facing inside so that it can bring career opportunities and attract money.

Lucky key: One of the most popular symbols worldwide which can open doors to opportunity.

Pyramid: It is a symbol of power that can attract positive energy. In 2017, you should put it in the SE, where flying star 9 is located, so that it will bring you luck, joy and success.

Ship: It can attract wealth and material goods. You should place it facing inside your office, in order to be prosperous.

Success ideogram: It can bring luck, boost your confidence and help you achieve recognition. In 2017, you should put it in the East area of your office, where flying star 8 is located.

Tortoise: It is the archetypal symbol of career, love relationships and longevity. It can help you relax, eradicate your fear and stay healthy, physically and mentally.

Wealth ideogram: It can help you make money more easily and improve your financial status. You should put it in the East area of your business by the cash register so that it will boost your profits.

Wreath: It symbolizes success and accomplishment. It can help you carry out all your tasks and achieve your goals.

And don’t forget to stay tuned and live your life with magic:)